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Great Place To Mingle

Rated #1 in NJ for “Great Places To Meet People After 2AM” Even if dancing isn’t your thing our lounge area offers an escape from the music and is setup to help encourage togetherness & well being. This is your time away from work, we want to make it a memorable one.

All New Sound System & Resident DJ notallthere!

Find out why people are calling Fog Nightclub there new “Church” You will get lost in the black magic that  notallthere (Resident DJ) lays down throughout the morning untill the sun comes up. Truely a world class experince right in Newark NJ.    

Rythem Resposnive, Synchronized- Virtual Studio Controlled Lighting

Watch the room light up, shut down, change to subtle hues and dance with you in the dark with out state of the the art lighting system that guarantees there will never be a dull moment at Fog Nightclub.